Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mấy chuyện ngày 10/1/2012

1) Nước Anh bắt đầu có nhà hàng phục vụ bia và thức ăn cho cả chủ lẫn chó:
"They are often referred to as man's best friends and considered to be extremely loyal to their owners. And now it appears there is no excuse for dogs to be left behind when their owners head for thepub in one part of Northeast UK.
That's because The Brandling Villa in South Gosforth, Newcastle, has come up with a pet-friendlymenu. The pub is now selling a special beer designed for dogs so that drinkers' four-legged friends can also enjoy a tipple at the same time. It is also serving a Sunday roast covered in cat-flavored gravy."

2) Nhất nhật vô kể giao, sinh tam thập tam tử:  Chú cừu này trong 24h làm cho 33 nàng cừu có thai, trong đó có 13 nàng đã mẹ tròn con vuông.
"A ram in Britain recently managed to make 33 female sheep pregnant - over the span of 24 shorthours. The 11-month-old ram, nicknamed "Randy" by workers at his farm in Northamptonshire, has seen 13 of his conquests bear lambs, with the other 20 still awaiting delivery. Photo:

3) Hoàn cầu thời báo không dám nói đến Biển Đông, Việt Nam và khối ASEAN.
Ngày hôm nay 10/1/2012, Hoàn cầu thời báo phỏng vấn Luo Zhaohui, Vụ trưởng Vụ quan hệ châu Á, Bộ Ngoại giao (TQ) về ảnh hưởng của chính sách Á Châu của Mỹ lên chính sách đối ngoại của TQ. Các câu hỏi lần lượt đề cập đến Nhật/Biển Đông Trung hoa, Triều/Hàn, Miến điện, nhưng không dám nói đến Biển Đông của ta, đến Việt Nam cũng như khối ASEAN.
Đọc "US ‘return to Asia’ attests regional vigor"

"Editor's Note:

China's relations with its neighbors are increasingly under pressure from a more prominent US role in the Asia Pacific. What changes did this bring to Chinese diplomacy last year? What does 2012 hold for regional relations? People's Daily Online (PO) talked to Luo Zhaohui (Luo), director-general of Department of Asian affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about China's Asian diplomacy.

PO: The US has declared a high-profile "return to Asia." Does this put pressure on China?

Luo: The US has indeed increased strategic investment in the Asia-Pacific region. It's a policy choice by the US. It just proves this region's vigor and potential as well as its increasing importance.

China neither stirs up trouble nor fear trouble. We know where the bottom line of our interests lies. Both cooperation and competition are to protect our own interests. We don't agree with the idea of a zero-sum game. And we don't think that the newly-emerging countries will definitely clash with powerful countries. China is taking the road of peaceful development, and it's our own choice. We stand firm to our own interests. And we also insist on pursuing peace, development and cooperation.
PO: At the beginning of 2012, four Japanese assembly members landed on the Diaoyu Islands. What kind of influence will it have on the warming Sino-Japanese ties?

Luo: Their behaviors are illegitimate and invalid and cannot change the fact that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

After this incident happened, I received orders to lodge solemn representations to the Japanese side and stress that the Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory as well as express China's definite opposition to any Japanese people's landing on the islands. We also assert resolving the issue of Diaoyu Islands through peaceful negotiations. Before the dispute is resolved, we demand that the Japanese side should not create troubles and take no unilateral action.

This issue is very sensitive, since it concerns sovereignty. Of course, Sino-Japanese ties are all-around and comprehensive. The healthy and steady development of the two countries' relations is very important to both sides. China is focused on development and needs a steady regional and international environment.

As to the territorial disputes, we assert that, if the conditions aren't right to solve these problems, we should lay aside the disputes temporarily, but meanwhile we still maintain our sovereignty.

We should avoid individual problems influencing the comprehensive development of the two countries' relations. In the future, the next generation might be able to find solutions. It's actually a contemporary model to resolve the problems of territorial disputes and this model is followed by many countries.

PO: How do you view the situation on the Korean Peninsula following former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's death?

Luo: China and North Korea are friendly neighbors. Constantly consolidating and developing the traditional friendly cooperation between China and North Korea is the consistent policy of the Chinese government.

China's resolution to maintain the peace and stability of Korean Peninsula is unswerving. The peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula meets all parties' common interests. The Six-Party Talks are the efficient mechanism to realize denuclearization, maintain the peace and stability of the Peninsula and Northeast Asia and improve all parties' relations. Since last year, some parties have increased mutual exchanges and the resumption of the talks is likely.

I think we needn't be worried about war. At present, pursuing peace and development is an irresistible trend in the world. There are some frustrations between the Koreas. But the general trend is still dialogue, contact, compromise and cooperation. We hope the two sides will keep improving mutual relations, promoting cooperation, and maintaining the peace and stability of Korean Peninsula together through dialogue and negotiations.
PO: The political situation in Myanmar is changing and US-Myanmar relations are improving. Last year, the Myanmar government suspended the joint Sino-Myanmar Myitsone Dam. What do you think of these developments?

Luo: Since China established diplomatic relations with Myanmar 60 years ago, the two countries have relied on and supported each other. Bilateral ties have been developing based on peaceful coexistence. China is full of confidence about the prospects of our ties with Myanmar.

In 2011, Myanmar successfully realized its transition to an elected government, which is significant in promoting the democracy and development of Myanmar.

The Chinese government hopes to see Myanmar strengthen contacts and improve relations with some Western countries based on mutual respect. We assert that some countries should lift their sanctions on Myanmar and promote Myanmar's stability and development.

After Myanmar declared the suspension of the Myitsone Dam project, there have been extensive negotiations. The two sides agreed to properly handle the affairs related to the project in the spirit of friendly negotiation. Not long after Myanmar's declaration, the Myanmarese President dispatched a diplomatic envoy to explain things to Chinese leaders. The Myanmar side said they valued friendly relations and were willing to closely coordinate with the Chinese side.

With the expanding scale of Chinese enterprises' investment overseas, they are confronted with more risks and challenges, such as the changes of the political situation of the countries where they are, the disturbance of outside factors and their lack of international experience. How to protect Chinese enterprises' legal rights overseas has become an urgent issue in regional diplomatic work. We will give them more political support and diplomatic assistance, provide timely guidance, strengthen consular protection and protect their legal rights.


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    Điều này sẽ gây bê trệ hoặc thậm chí ngăn cản việc mở mang của các nhà bán sỉ. Thứ 2 là việc thiếu nguồn cần lao mang tay nghề cao cũng là thách thức, sở hữu thể gây chướng ngại trong việc van chuyen hang di Ha Noi, van tai hang hoa Bac Ninhvận chuyển đi Cao Bằngvan chuyen hang ra Dien Bien Phu và mở rộng của các nhà sản xuất công nghiệp sở hữu giá trị cao.

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    Cảm ơn bạn phổ thông nhé.