Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tại sao cần cơ chế độc lập kiểm soát quyền lực trong tổ chức xã hội

From religion to politics: why it matters if we think someone is watching (

Té ra cái việc sợ Chúa Trời hay Thánh thần hay Trời, Phật biết điều mình nói dối, làm bậy quan trong hơn ý thức tự tu dưỡng của con người!

"The research, published in Evolutionary Psychology, confirmed the prediction that participants who believed they were being watched, although possibly not conscious of that thought, would express greater disapproval of moral transgressions, than those did not.

The increased expression of disapproval is attributed to people's sensitivity to perceptions of their own reputation.

The research was done by Pierrick Bourrat from the University of Sydney together with colleagues Nicolas Baumard from the University of Pennsylvania and Ryan McKay from the University of London."

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