Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thác Bản Giốc

Hexagram 60: Water above Lake below

This hexagram is known as ‘Articulating’ or ‘Limitation’.
Restraint, expansion
Water at the top of the marsh: limits
Bitter restraint does not permit determination.
The noble one delimits number and measure and reflects on power and virtue in action.

This is the hexagram of limits, boundaries and junctures: all the ways we have of dividing the world up to make it comprehensible. The ancient character shows a man approaching his food, along with bamboo plants - whose natural ‘articulations’ were used to measure both volume and pitch. The weights and measures that allow people to trade, the contracts that allow them to work together, the language that allows us to develop ideas and relationships - all this is the province of Articulating.
We tend to place more emphasis on removing limits than imposing them - but in the Yijing, these are two sides of a single coin. That is, Articulating completes the work started by Hexagram 59, Dispersing. Dispersing describes free flow that dissolves obstacles, and seeing beyond boundaries into the far distance. In human relations, this is uninhibited communication.
Opening the gateways, dissolving the obstacles, restoring the flow: if Articulation is to be sweet and lasting, all this is essential - but not sufficient. The old divisions and connections were obstructing true communication or understanding, and they are Dispersed; to restore communication, on all levels, there must be a new language, one that will grow organically as bamboo to Articulate the true nature of things.

This is a very rigid hexagram, but it gives voice to the most free means of expression. Living in the present moment makes that possible. Restrictions need expiring dates, so every new cycle will have its own new energy. Music is not made by the notes but by their rhythm and succession.
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